We’ve created the ideal clinical Great Definition recording system – simple enough for anyone on your team to quickly embrace and encrypted securely at a price we think will delightfully surprise you. 

Specifically, with GreatDef:

Patient recordings are immediately stored in encrypted media.

No patient information/recordings are stored locally on the recording tower.

If your storage device is lost, data cannot be compromised.

Your GreatDef tower is isolated from all networks and does not require any company IT resources.

No drivers or special software installations required to access your photos and videos.

December 16, 2016 GreatDef wins prestigious 2016 Zahn Challenge awarded for best innovative new product.

January 22, 2017 GreatDef stands alone unhacked during Booz Allen Hamilton "Hackathon" San Diego

November 22, 2017 GreatDef medical device finalist in Connect Most Innovative New Medical Device 

October 29, 2019 GreatDef granted cybersecurity patent on medical device

June 21, 2022 GreatDef granted additional cybersecurity patent on medical device

GreatDef is compliant with the brand new FDA guidance -Quality System Regulation (21 CFR part 820) process for identifying hazards associated with the cybersecurity of a medical device